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"Great customer follow-up, as I am a previous mortgage loanee."

Ypsilanti, MI
Testimonial from JAMES ANDERSON (10/01/2019)
Kevin A - Video
"Very professional, helpful and courteous. Especially since we were at one point thousands miles away and getting things settled "

Jeffrey Gillay
Ypsilanti , MI
Testimonial from Jeffrey Gillay (04/22/2017)
"It was a scary time for me to buy my own home as a single woman. Peggy helped me through the obstacles of buying a home. I am grateful to her and her team for helping me in the process!"

Manchester , MI
Testimonial from J M (04/26/2017)
"Peggy was just amazing and very helpful throughout the process of buying my 1st home."

Karen Sells
Dexter, Mi
Testimonial from Karen Sells (06/08/2017)
"Peggy was/is absolutely AMAZING. As first time home buyers, the whole process was scary, and brutally disheartening. Peggy went above and beyond helping us through. She made house calls to assist with documents that needed signing. She answered her phone for us after hours as well. Which was huge for us because of our work schedules. Peggy is the ONLY reason, we did not give up on our dream. For the record, the process took more than 2 years for us because of our lack of experience and less than stellar performance from some of our realtors. Its my understanding now that the buying of a home process should not be that drawn out and complicated. Peggy stuck with us, even through her busy schedule, the whole way. We love our home and our loan rate and we thank Peggy from the bottoms of our hearts. "

ypsilanti, MI
Testimonial from K A (10/31/2017)

Duane Lorenz
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Testimonial from Duane Lorenz (03/10/2018)

Testimonial from Eric (05/31/2018)
"Professional, polite experience. Highly recommend."

Michael Nowosatko
Troy, MI
Testimonial from Michael Nowosatko (11/25/2018)
"Peggy Wilson helped me with my loan on my house. It was scary for me to make this purchase on my own, but she helped to make it a smooth transaction. She is very kind and knowledgeable. I really appreciated her help."

Joy Matthews
Manchester, Michigan
Testimonial from Joy Matthews (04/25/2019)
"Peggy did an amazing job in helping us navigate the financial side of buying our home! We would have been lost without her and our realtor."

Melissa Young
Testimonial from Melissa Young (07/12/2019)
"Peggy Wilson was awesome. She met with us at our apartment as well as my wifes place of business to help us with documents. Peggy was available by phone after normal business hours and yes, I personally contacted her several times to get answers to my/our questions. Peggy did an excellent job of dealing with us (first time buyers with mediocre credit). I respect her warm and patient attitude the most. I highly recommend her to anyone going through the process. Especially those that do not know what they are doing. "

Ypsilanti, MI
Testimonial from K A (10/28/2016)
"Most important, you informed us about the new rules and opportunities that I have as a veteran. The process was quick and easy and we are very happy with the financing and our new home."

Keith & Carol Pratt
Brooklyn, Michigan
Testimonial from Keith & Carol Pratt (08/10/2016)
"Peggy Wilson went out of her way to help me get into my new home. Thank you for all your help in this difficult process. "

Colleen Markey
Redford, MI
Testimonial from Colleen Markey (06/16/2016)
Peggy got us the loan that fit our needs perfectly. She was quick to respond to my concerns and needs and kept us posted throughout the process. Her follow up even after closing shows that she cares about helping families above all else! Thank you so much.
Laura Lillie, borrower
"We had trying financial times over the last few years as many of us have faced. We had been told that our home was underwater by several large lending facilities and they were not interested in refinancing with us. We approached the team at Huron Valley Financial. They listened to our story and with the help of Peggy Wilson and the talented team at Huron Valley Financial we were able to remortgage our home at a lower rate. It has been a year now and we continue to enjoy the warm of our home. We cannnot thank you all enough!"

Barb & Allen
Chelsea, Michigan
Testimonial from Barb & Allen (02/20/2016)
Thank you so much for your hard work on our very difficult 203(k) deal. I really appreciate your communication and help through a difficult process. Our next deal will be easier!
Megan C, Realtor
Thank you SO MUCH for your help! You have no idea how much this home means to me and I'm very grateful for your help.
Christie T, Borrower

"If I had one word to sum up how I felt about Peggy it would be "trustworthy". I know that when I send my clients to Peggy that they will get honest advice, and they will be treated with respect.

It seems like qualities like this would be the norm but often times they are not. And when I find people like this in the world of business, the very least I can do for them is tell others of their virtues.

If you are looking for someone that you can trust to have your best interests in mind, look no further than here. Oh by the way she is really a pleasant person to work with and her work ethic is unmatched.

In short Peggy ROCKS!!!!"

- Tyler Weston
Realtor with Edward Surovell Realtors 

Tyler Weston

“I hired Peggy to secure the mortagage on my house, and I have recommended her to my relatives and friends without hesitation. She is a very ethical and dedicated professional, who is always looking out for the best interests of her clients.

I was impressed and amazed at how well she did on my mortgage, including the very wise advice that put us in the most approprite terms for our situation. Many of the people I referred to her have made a special effort to report back to me their satisfaction with her work as well.

She is a professional who will never let you down."

-  Thomas P. Schumm, MBA

Thomas P.

“My husband and I closed on our refinancing this morning just *15* days from when Peggy got our completed application. I've decided her new nickname should be "Flash". She even made a house call to get our paperwork completed. Thanks for the great service, Peggy.”

- Adele Yunck

Adele Yunck

“I received a home mortgage loan through Peggy and was pleasantly surprised that she came to the closing at the title company. As someone unfamiliar with real estate, I felt I was in good hands and would not be cheated.

A few years after that I had to take care of family business, and the existing realtor cheated on the figures at the closing date.

Peggy would never work with someone like that, as she has too much integrity. She knows her business, walks you through it from beginning to end, and is readily available to answer any questions and solve any problems.”

- Lorri Coburn

Lorri Coburn

“I hired Peggy for the purchase of a small real estate property related mortgage. I have made similar purchases several times in the past, and like to think that I am well versed with the process.

I found Peggy to be very focused, extremely efficient, and with an amazing turn around to close the loan. I believe she was able to get us an excellent rate, and left completely satisfied. Highly recommend her as a mortgage banker.”

- Sanjiv Sinha

Sanjiv Sinha

“Peggy did a refinance for me in 2009. What I liked was how easy it was to work with her on something that was way out of my expertise.

Mortgages are not something I know a lot about and I felt comfortable asking her lots of questions. She gave me answers I could understand which was a big help.

Everything went pretty smoothly, I got a great rate and saved a bunch.

Every time I write a check to my new mortgage co. I am grateful to Peggy.”

- Jane DeLancey

Jane DeLancey

"Peggy Wilson is by far the most knowledgable, efficient and effective loan officer I have ever worked with. She gives straight answers in a short time. I will continue to refer anyone I know who is looking for a loan to Peggy"

-Glenn Z.

Glenn Z.

"Dear Peggy,

We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your super human efforts in helping us secure a loan for our home purchase. We know that you went to extraordinary lengths in helping us make our dream of purchasing our first home a reality. You stayed in contact with us every step of the loan process and we always felt that you were right on top of things!

We are very impressed with the character and caliber of your staff. Everyone we met was caring, encouraging, and sensitive to our individual situation. We have and will continue to recommend your services to everyone we know. You have a very unique business with the most wonderful people working together.

We wish for your continued success and we would be happy to serve as a reference at any time. We hope to do business with you in the future... We are yoour customers for life!"

-Michael and Deborah C.

Michael and Deborah C.

"Peggy Wilson was very professional, extremely helpful, and friendly."

-Kim D.

Kim D.


I want to thank you for the excellent job that you did in helping us out with a somewhat non-traditional mortgage application. I don't imagine that you often get applications like mine, but you folks handled it like you do it every day.

I especially appreciate the special attention that you gave to our co-signer in explaining the term, and in helping him identify the critical information that you needed to get the job done as well as using express mail to expidite the documents to and from Puerto Rico. We were both especially impressed with your knowledge, candidness, and service orientation.

Thank you for your exceptional service. I wish all the people I work with could follow your example. I will not only recommend you, but will search out likely prospects that I can send your way, knowing that they will be well taken care of."

-Fernando M.

Fernando M

 "Peggy is the best! Flexible, knowledgable, efficient. She insisted we bring our 2 1/2 year old daughter in with us when we couldn't get a sitter. That kind of understanding is invaluable. Peggy is terrific!"

-Randy and Kimberly S.

Randy and Kimberly S.

Peggy comes with my highest recommendations. She is always looking for new ideas to assist her clients.

I admire her for her creative work and her willingness to "give first".

You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Peggy as I have.

- Carl White

Carl White
"I would like to thank Peggy Wilson for everything she did to have my loan close on time. I had a very difficult loan and Peggy made it easy. She was always there to answer my questions and always was calm which made me calm. I worked mid-nights and she always was sure to call me first thing after work. I would call her mid-morning and she always would answer "why aren't you sleeping?" (LOL) She is awesome. She is a great loan officer. I would tell who ever is applying for a loan to see Peggy. She is very honest. She tell you everything up front with no suprise at closing. Thanks Again Peggy!!"

Sandra K
Brownstown, MI
Sandra K[Testimonial Wizard 11/10/2011 8:50:44 PM]
"One of the best transactions I had this year!"
Jeanice T., Listing Agent

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